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Welcome to Universal Recovery Corporation, where our primary goal is to provide you with the best possible debt recovery services and legal support for the recovery of your debts. We want you to receive what you are owed and are equipped to provide the necessary customer service and legal environment to ensure remuneration. At Universal Recovery Corporation discretion is our highest priority. Only the most professional recourse will be taken in recovery of debts, guaranteeing the protection of our client's reputation.


We are pleased to work with you in your target market or to manage your needs for any part of the United States. We are dedicated to maximizing your debt collection through the many resources afforded us by 21 years in the industry, regardless of the level of exposure. Universal Recovery Corporation has developed and maintained excellent referral relationships with similarly regarded collection firms throughout the world, which has allowed us now to manage accounts in Mexico and Canada, in addition to all of the United States. Our extensive experience has provided our staff with the unique opportunity to perfect the collection process, which has resulted in the restoration of millions of dollars to clients spanning much of North America.



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