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The current state of economy is hard on everyone. Retail credit, whether in the form of direct loans from financial institutions, or retail charge accounts, consumer debt is growing at an unprecedented rate. Businesses and people are both cutting back and trying to survive. To deal with the negative side effects of today's economy businesses need to be smarter. As the saying goes, "the best defense is a good offence".


Retail collections can be a complicated task, it can be made simpler by outsourcing to a qualified collection agency. Firms that offer collection help for retail businesses make it possible through highly qualified collection professionals.


Based on a percentage of recovered funds, our program is the most economical solution for debt recovery. With no upfront fees and customized programs, your recovery and financial growth is greatly increased. Once an account is placed in our system, a collection specialist assumes the responsibility of contacting the account to secure payment. Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, we have set a new standard for recovery. Our programs include a variety of tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on all accounts placed.