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Prior to 1983, gambling debts were not legally collectable, not even in Nevada. It was not until a bill was introduced in Nevada's Senate, legitimizing the collection of gambling debts and then officially becoming law on May 17, 1983.


Beginning in 1993, Universal Recovery Corporation began collecting casino debt and has since become the preferred collection company to many of the nations top casinos. Our success in casino collections along with our experience, cannot be matched by any other collection company.


Universal Recovery Corporation will aggressively pursue the writer of the unworthy check or marker and exert all possible measures to recover the amount owed to you. 


It is important to keep in mind that having an outside collection company to recover your unpaid checks is a much more cost effective way to handle your checks. A check guarantee service charges for every check that is received, and recent statistics have shown that most checks are good. Not to mention the unwanted service fees, set up fees, and the many more unwanted fees associated with a guarantee service.


Recovering unworthy checks and markers doesn't have to be difficult or costly, you just have to know where to find an effective and cost efficient casino collection service.