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Collection System

The proprietary program for Universal Recovery Corporation is ICEware Integrated Collection Engine. This is a state of the art system that meets FCRA requirements. The system enables on-line, real-time activity posting and reporting.


With ICEware you can now have every single paper process moved and supported to a built-in process that can run monthly or minute-by-minute. ICEware is the first collection software on the market where if you can dream it, we can build it. ICEware allows us to send information to credit reporting agencies, receiving and processing credit card and check information instantly. The  convenience of the ICEware system is that it gathers data from any vendor or client and easily updates the system with that information.


ICEware learns from the data it collects, which means as time progresses, accounts become more collectible.  Our agency gains critical information about debtor habits that expedites the collection process.


It is simply the most advanced collection software available.