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Collectors and Training



Universal Recovery Corporation collectors work assigned accounts, pursuant to all state and federal laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Federal and State Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They must make effective telephone calls, incorporating negotiation techniques to enhance their efficiency. Our collectors must always display proven time management skills to maximize results, as well as possess extensive skip tracing abilities, customer service skills, and have well-rounded computer experience. 



Collector Training:

There are two phases of employee training: new employee and continuing.  Phase one, new employee training, lasts four weeks.


Week one starts with orientation, computer system comprehension, and familiarization with both the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The new employee must be well versed and tested on both, which provides the basis for consistent results.


During the second week, the collections trainee is provided a supervisor who assists their learning of the types of files, cases, and accounts that the employee may be expected to manage. The employee will receive a Universal Recovery Corporation Skip Tracing Manual, providing them with the latest skip tracing techniques.  

Supervised collections on active accounts occur during the third week.  The employee actually works a small portfolio of their own accounts, seated next to a training supervisor, who actively monitors the collector for potential problems in order to insure their immediate correction.


During week four, the employee receives a standard account portfolio and begins.  Their supervisor randomly, but frequently monitors performance and progress while remaining available for collector assistance.


Continuing employee training consists of ongoing monthly meetings and random monitoring. Systematic meetings provide updates to any changes to the laws or tools within our collector's use, in addition to providing discussion of any improvements to collection practices an employee has learned or developed.


Monitoring is used to assess skill development and proper handling techniques.  It also assures Universal Recovery Corporation Policies and Procedures are in compliance with state and federal laws.